Ava Sky - October edition

Ava Sky - October edition

Recently, I got to shoot in some of the newest styles by Ava Sky. I love the wide variety of looks & prints they consistently design... and these pieces did not disappoint! 

I even did a brief interview with them. You can check it out on the Ava Sky blog.

Photography:  Samantha Feyen

This jumper was definitely my FAVE! I felt so free, cool + put together in it... I couldn't resist adding it to my every day wardrobe!

For all the things I do (teach, sing, run around town like a crazy person), this jumper is perfect!

Keep an eye out for it in Ava Sky / Fighting Eel stores soon!

Up next:

Dress Diana! 
(in Honey Tieland print)

So chic and elegant...

The print also comes in black + white... here we shot the White Tieland print in the OH-so-comfy Jumper June & the slouchy-fit Dress Ashanti


...Now for this sunny delight:

This Navy Poppy print looks cute in any style!

Here it is again in the Dress Greta:

(Perfect for twirling, right?)

Can't get enough poppies? 
Well, it's your lucky day.

Check out the Jumper Spice -
...this style comes in Purple Poppy!

I had a BLAST shooting these new styles with Ava Sky! 

Hope you enjoyed
& I'd love to hear what you think!

Until next time,

- Anna


"Coup de cœur": The Happi Hapa x Alice Ahn Photography

"Coup de cœur": The Happi Hapa x Alice Ahn Photography

BHLDN x Two Birds Bridesmaid

BHLDN x Two Birds Bridesmaid