Bohemian Beach x BHLDN:  A beach bridal collection

Bohemian Beach x BHLDN: A beach bridal collection

BHLDN has always been one of my favorite brands for bridal + bridal-inspired wear, so I was ecstatic to try out a couple styles from their Boho Beach Bridal line!  And what better place, than the North Shore of Oahu during golden hour?

Photography:  Jessica Sullivan
MUA:  April Ricafort / Erika Luna


The 1st piece:


Wispy tassels reminiscent of travels afar combined with intricate embroidery make this design stunning to behold & even more fun to wear. I could imagine this for an intimate beach wedding ceremony, paired with some bohemian jewels... perhaps a gold lariat necklace to grace the low backline.

It could also easily also be worn as an elegant swim cover-up during the day, that effortlessly transitions into party-wear at night. I'm all for transition pieces, so consider me a fan of the Brighton Dress! 


Those romantic little details...


The 2nd piece:


So sexy + sleek! I've never felt so chic at the beach. The peek-a-boo cut out is iconic yet modern, and I knew that I could easily throw on some jeans & hit the town. YES, TRANSITIONAL PIECES! 

( PSA: I gotta be honest with y'all though. This suit does not have padding. If you're in the smaller sizes or are free-the-nip, you'll be good. Otherwise, you might need to give it a thought. )


Alright, alright.
It looks good for beach chillin' ...

... but can it hold its own in the water?


It was great in the water, and if I were a better surfer, I'd wear this out in the line-up on the regular.  However, since I'm not, I'll just keep to what I am good at - splashin' around!


After my water frolics, I tried out the
aka the fluffiest towel that has ever fluffed!
And oh so pretty with hints of shimmer.  I wanted to stay cocooned in it forever, as I watched the sun dip below the horizon & night set in across the beach. 

What a beautiful day.


I hope this post has given you some ideas if you are planning a beach-inspired wedding... or just want that easy-breezy style for some every day chic!
This summer is a hot one, so you already know where I'll be!
(Hint: see below)


What are your beach-style go to's?

Let me know in the comments!
• • •

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