Fall Trends 2017

Fall Trends 2017

It is officially Fall... whether it feels like it or not!
I know Hawaii stays tropical year round, but it doesn't mean we don't get to take part in the seasonal fashion fun... 

Here are some of the top fall trends of 2017:

1)  Velvet, and oh, we are better off for it... Whether it be just a small accent or a full-on jumpsuit, try it out. You'll be pleasantly surprised that it isn't as hot as you think it is...
OOH, it gives you some swagger when you're wearing it! 

2)  Embroidery. I never thought my mother would be right when she told me, "Why don't you know how to cook... & embroider?!"
We'll talk about my cooking skills later, but she was onto something with the embroidery.

Thanks to the general resurgence of 70's in pop culture (see: TV shows like "The Get Down" or that neo-disco bass line of pop songs by Frank OceanCalvin Harris, & top 40 et al.) a lot of the 70's fashion trends are back! Embroidered skirts, jackets, dresses -
We are seeing it all & I have a feeling it isn't going away any time soon. 

3)  Street wear. Admittedly, this trend has been going strong for the past year, but it remains relevant as we see urban chic take its place amongst high fashion (see: revival of sweatpants, as sported by celebrities like Rihanna + the "urban" cover art of Taylor Swift's album.)

4)  Red. Does it ever really go out of fashion?
I don't think so, but it was hard to miss on the runways this past New York Fashion Week. 

5)  Plaid. It's a classic, but we are seeing it come back in all sorts of reincarnations - classic neutrals, blocky gingham, 90's flannel inspired... 

Take a look at how I styled these trends
... & let me know what you think!

Shoes - Zara

Have you ever walked into a store & found love? 

These shoes are some of my favorites to date, with their tiny laser cut details (click photos to zoom). The edges scallop like a delicate lace, yet juxtapose with the toughness of leather.

The lace-up strings give my look an urban edge,
all the while not having to don sweatpants that lace up the sides.  
I mean, seriously, you don't even want to imagine that on me.
I'll tell you right now,
I don't pull it off. 


• • •


" Chain, Chain, Chain "

These chains were a thrift store find, inspired by street wear trends this Fall!

When I bought them, I wondered if they were too "hood" & even posted on my Instagram story to get your opinions.

Most decided "too hood," but that only increased my desire to see if I could make them work!

It's one thing to put the chains with a wife-beater tank top, but I think they added the subtle bling this look needed, without that country club / inherited jewels vibe.

What do you think? 


2 piece - Max & Co.

One of my favorite things is to mix vintage with new, and that's exactly what I did for this look. The silk shirt / skirt 2 piece are vintage finds by Max & Co. and a classic way to incorporate plaid.

I am not one for flannels, so this timeless look helped me channel some Grace Kelly / Audrey Hepburn elegance.


• • •


Arm candy - Coach x Selena Grace collection

Hello, red! This purse is the perfect statement piece for any outfit & I can't wait to wear it with more. The blend of leathers, paired with subtle glints of gold, makes me feel all sorts of chic... 

New York, here I come! 

Oh, and check out that detachable strap -

form & function!


I had lots of fun trying out this Fall's top fashion trends. I'd love to hear what you think!

Which is your favorite? Any new trends you see on the horizon?
Leave me a note in the comments!


Photography:  Tommy Shih

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