Golden Girls: Hawaii creators shine

Golden Girls: Hawaii creators shine

You know what they say - if you like it, then you better put a ring on it.

In this case, we're talking earrings, jewels & plenty of them. The surge of local creativity here in Honolulu has been impressive as of late, and I wanted to highlight just a few of these talented local artisans:

 Catherine Weitzman




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CATHERINE WEITZMAN truly a crafts-WOMAN in all rights of the word. Her classic training in metalwork shines through all her creations, which incorporate found objects, recycled metals & responsible suppliers.

I still can’t believe that the pieces are so polished and professional, all while still being handmade in her Hawaii studio.

My favorite part?

The inspiring role that nature plays in her work.

I’ve gotten so many compliments while wearing these pieces! People notice the beautiful attention to detail, and they frequently ask what I’m wearing. I personally love that these pieces are so easy to wear both casually and dressed up.

Gold is definitely IN this season, whether styled simple + solo or layered up with several chains  (following one of this season’s biggest trends). 

Star Anise Necklace: 

While from a distance, it might look like star or a flower of some sort, the details of this star anise necklace are hard to ignore! I always delight to tell those who ask that the star anise is actually a spice - one most commonly recognized for its use in five-spice seasoning and in the well-loved Vietnamese phở broth. 

I love that I can connect with my Vietnamese heritage ( yes, I'm 50% ) with this symbolic piece! 

Large Branch Hoop Earrings 

"Hoop there it is!" ... Alright, you can stop rolling your eyes now. There's nothing cheesy about these beautiful earrings by Catherine Weitzman. Seriously, have you ever seen anything like them? I love that this amazing designer takes a well-loved, ubiquitous & ever-trendy style like the hoop earring, and makes it her own by adding that touch of nature.

I've found that these earrings are in my top 5 go-to pieces!

Mussel Shell Earrings

If these beauties weren't made of 18K gold vermeil, I would have easily mistaken them for their wave-washed counterparts, having been cast from real mussels themselves. 

The texture is what makes this piece truly outstanding.

The Mussel Shell Earrings strike the perfect balance between sophisticated glamour and the effortlessness of our coastal Hawaii lifestyle.

Complete catalog of Catherine Weitzman designs sold online /
 Available in various national + international retailers


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The combination of cosmopolitan chic + timeless minimalism is what was born when Gadea Pérez Andújar sat down in her home studio, creating each piece by hand & biding her time until her next trip.

Kisiwa ranges from colorful beads to hand-stamped / polished brass. Whether it be in India, Morocco, or her patria Spain, Gadea's designs find themselves at home.

Each piece invokes a cultural craftsmanship & story...

Puerta Earrings

While these arch-shaped danglers are named after the Spanish word for "door," I can't help but liken their shape to the rainbows that drift through our lush valleys with each rainfall.

In fact, the longer I look at them, the more things I see, as if they were a beautiful abstract painting. 

Whatever you envision them to be, we can all agree that they are simply beautiful! 

Midu Earrings

I instantly fell in love with this design the moment I saw them. They are one of my most frequently worn pieces for being an everyday statement piece.

Similar to Kisiwa's Puerta Earrings, these jewels could just as easily be hung in a museum or private gallery. Their rounded edges and polished brass are at once ancient and modern. 

Complete catalog of Kisiwa designs sold online / 
Select styles available through Mori Hawaii

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Feminine and raw, this woman-owned brand truly encompasses the meaning of "maganda" - the word for beautiful in Tagalog.

Owner and creator, Bayebette (Baye) Lacar , stumbled into her creativity gold mind shortly after having her baby girl. Amidst her jobs as mother + bartender, she would squeeze in time to craft earrings for herself, realizing that she was onto something.

With polymer clay & touches of paint, Baye found that her unique and stylish designs could be worn easily without the usual weight of similarly large earrings. Before long, she was getting orders from friends, followed by direct inquiries via social media where she posts updated photos of her latest creations. 

Every hand-sculpted + painted piece allows each one to take on a life of its own... to elicit the very spirit of "maganda," not exemplified in look-alike perfection, but rather through unique beauty.

Arise Buwàn Earrings

In many cultures, the moon symbolizes feminine energy, and with a name in Tagalog heralding the rising moon, these earrings are pure feminine embodiment.

Strong in their geometric statement-piece design, yet soft in their rising curves, the Arise Buwàn reminds us that being a woman is never one thing or another. It is rather a beautiful paradox of contrast, combining the hard + soft, the strong + gentle, the powerful + vulnerable in an ebb and flow, like tides guided by the moon. 


Oval Marble Earrings

While these beauties mimic the classic appearance of Euro-architecture, their lightweight elegance is one that can endure a full schedule of moped rides, museum adventures, and midnight canal walks a la Roman Holiday. 
(Hello, Audrey Hepburn!) 

This modern take on a timeless look has me saying...


MA.GA.NDA pieces available via inquiry

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