Holiday style 2018/2019

Holiday style 2018/2019

The holiday season is officially upon us … presents to be wrapped, boxes to be sent + parties to attend - the TO-DO list is long. It can be so easy to de-prioritize self care during this time. I’ve done it myself, as I sat calculating the total commitment of time a yoga class would take in this Honolulu holiday traffic!

Downward-facing dog might not be your expression of “self care,” but whatever it is, it’s important… whether it’s as luxurious as a TREAT YO’SELF splurge or as simple as eating lunch & washing your hair.

It is important.

So let’s take a breathe while we’re on that topic… in… and… out.
(Funny how good that feels, right?)

For myself, I’ve found that one of my silver-lining pick-me-ups is styling looks that make me feel 100%, even & especially when I might not feel 100% on the inside. In my opinion, that’s one of the most lovely things about style,

true personal style -

its ability to give you that self-confidence and voice!

This holiday season, I took notes of the season’s 3 biggest trends to inspire you to spend a self-care moment + feel that inner SHINE!

  1. Prints charming

    Animal prints of all kinds are making a strong statement this season & I am feeling it. There is something so empowering about a bold cheetah print that makes you walk with just a little more OOMPH!

    That being said, I haven’t always been such a fan… until I saw this vintage 80’s Escada blouse. I’m talking so vintage that the tag says:


    That’s right - this shirt precedes the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

    And this is one of the many reasons I love vintage - the stories it tells!

Now cheetah print is definitely the DIVA of the animal prints world, but this season we have a new star sneaking in -


Again, this is a bold print that I probably would never have picked out for myself. I just don’t have that kind of Miami housewife drama! It is so important that with each season’s trends, you don’t lose yourself and your personal style.

But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t try something on!

When I tried this dress on, I was surprised with a 90’s charm. Its silhouette was flattering without being tacky, which is something to which the thicker brocade fabric helped.

Meanwhile, the subtle flower embroidery added a playful and young dimension to the print.

It all goes to show,

you never know until you try!

2. It was all yellow

Glitzy gold isn’t anything new for holiday style, but we are seeing more bright shades this season across the board, from Nepalese designer Prabal Gurung to cool-girl leisure with Cynthia Rowley.

Take a peek at these golden hues from NYFW:

I am singing the praises of this trend -

Yellow is my favorite color!

For this reason, it was hard for me to choose only 1 look to illustrate this holiday style.

In the end, I couldn’t resist the classic Roman Holiday allure of this yellow printed dress, which would look right at home on the Italian coastlines of Positano or Cinque Terre.

“Now, where’s Gregory Peck with my vespa?”

3. 80’s all the way

“Ohhhh no,” you whisper as the early 2000’s neon trend strobes across your memory. Those ugly block-printed slogan tees in retina-burning shades… what were we thinking?

Relax, I don’t mean neon.

I mean sleeves.

Thanks, Napoleon.

Last year we saw that all trends (fashion, TV, movies) pointed towards the 70’s. Embroidery was on every peasant blouse and sleeves were billowy. This year, we’re seeing an

evolution in the sleeve game,

from runway designers’ SS19 lines. Here’s just a few from Alexander McQueen, Reem Acra, Isabel Marant, Balmain & Saint Laurent.

Another thing we’re noticing?


I know this is a scary trend to tackle, but with the right piece + styling… you’ll be the power in your power suit. For this particular look, I used a vintage Armani blazer / pant set. However, in everyday-wear, I would probably pair a structured jacket with something soft & a little sexy underneath, like a slip dress or deep V-neck blouse.

Avoid anything too conservative or ill-fitting underneath, otherwise we’ll end up in this territory:

For example, this is an ensemble that I wore out to brunch
(sans heels because let’s be real. Just, no.)


Nothing to fear with shoulder pads, when you style it with something soft.

Now, here’s that vintage Armani set I mentioned:

It’s not a set I regularly style together. In fact, just this week I wore just the pants with a sleek, fitted black shirt for a dinner. Meanwhile, the blazer I’ve worn very comfortably with jeans for an elevated casual look.

Either way, here’s the most important styling tip:


You can rock nearly anything when YOU wear the item. Don’t let it wear you.

Trends are fun & fashion comes and goes… but true style?

That’s you.

So get out there & express yourself…


You deserve it.

Photography: Sarah Jual Tengan

(+ supplementary beige wall photos by yours truly )

Alexander Wang x UNIQLO

Alexander Wang x UNIQLO